Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Solutions
For Employers of Five or More Employees

The Priority Access Health Plan is fueled by our physicians’ desire to provide the best possible care and treatment outcomes for every patient without the high cost.


Why Priority Access?

Lower Cost

Our plans enable physicians to take a proactive approach to providing healthcare to patients, which means less money spent on emergency room, urgent care visits, and traveling to and from appointments.

Less Waiting

PAHP coverage ensures patients who need an in-office visit will be seen within 24 hours. This direct primary care means no more waiting for healthcare and less work missed by employees.

Immediate Care

The technology-enhanced features included with each plan promote immediate communication and faster response times between physicians and patients.

One monthly payment covers all components of the plan.

Pricing is determined up front and will not change for a full year.

Maximum risk to employer = monthly premium!


Key Highlights

  • Targeting Groups with 5 to 200 Employees
  • Experience Underwritten
  • Defined and Contained Risk: Maximum Exposure and Cost Set Upfront
  • One Predictable Monthly Payment
  • Stabilized Cash Flow: Maximum Claims Liability Funded over 12 Months
  • Aggregate Stop Loss Protection for Higher-than-expected Claims
  • Extraordinary Plan Design Flexibility for Large and Small Companies Alike
  • Great Rates for Low-Risk Groups: Savings can Exceed 30%
  • Not Subject to Adjusted Community Rating or State-Mandated Benefits
  • Flexible Minimum Participation Rules (5 Enrolled Employee Minimum )
  • Transparent Claims Reporting
  • 4-Tier Composite Rate Structure
  • NueHealth IPN as Tier 1 Network Options – Local Choice
  • Potential for Refund in Favorable Claims Years

How it Works

Technology Enhanced Primary Care

  • 24/7/365 Care with your Primary Care Provider

  • Secure, Convenient and Quick Communication with your Primary Care Provider via Text, Voice & Video

  • 1-Hour Response Time

  • Clinic Visit Within 24 Hours as Needed

  • Most Issues Handled Without a Clinic Visit

  • Urgent Care Visits for After-Hours Care

  • Emergency Care for True Emergencies

  • First Dollar Benefit with No Deductible or Copay for Primary Care Provider

  • Great Reduction in Employee Lost Work Time for Clinic Visits

  • Great Reduction in Urgent Care and Emergency Department Visits


Priority Access Addresses the Major Faults of Traditional Plans
By Offering a Fully Integrated Health Plan Solution


Best Value Proposition in the Marketplace

Aligns Financial Incentives


Including Physician Dispensaries

Benefits Flexibility

Priority Access to Primary Care Providers and Specialists


All stop loss insurance is written by “A” or “A+” carriers.

Plan Administration by Third Party Administrator

More than 30 Years of Experience

Networks – NueHealth Integrated Provider Network

(Local Private Practice at Tier 1)

Direct Primary Care Component

  • Encourages Relationship with Primary Care Provider
  • Lessens Dependence on Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers
  • Encourages Most Cost Efficient Mode of Delivery

Enhanced Outpatient Procedures

  • Includes Testing & Imaging
  • With Transparent Pricing