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Best Value Proposition in the Marketplace

  • Highest Quality Provider
  • Affordable Price

Technology Enhanced Primary Care

  • 24/7/365 Direct Access to Local Primary Care Team via Voice, Text or Video
  • Reduction in Lost Work Time for Clinic Visits

Priority Access

  • PCP Appointments within 24 Hours, Specialists Appointments within 1 Week
  • Reduction in Urgent Care and Emergency Room Visits


  • Primary Care, Specialty Care, Testing, Imaging, Surgery, Immunizations, Lab, Pharmacy and Preventative Care
  • Wrap Networks for Services or Areas Not Covered by IPN Providers


  • Available to Organizations with 5 or More Employees
  • Three Plan Options that can Include Unlimited Visits to PCP or Mid-Level Provider


  • Utilizes National Stop Loss Carrier, Third Party Administrators and Pharmacy Benefits Manager
  • Maximum Exposure and Cost Set Upfront
  • Potential for Refund in Favorable Claim Years


  • Single-Source Self-Service Web Portals for Agents, Members, Employers and Providers
  • Mobile Application to Access Plan Information
  • Simple and Fast Quote Process

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