Providing Alternative Healthcare Solutions for
Missouri Employers of Two or More Employees

This novel healthcare delivery system is designed to lower the costs of care, improve access to primary care providers, and proactively manage care to address
health issues early and quickly.

We are a network of local physicians who came together to address a need for more accessible and affordable health care in mid-Missouri. We have formed the NueHealth Integrated Provider Network in order to provide outcome-driven healthcare for employers throughout the region.

Our technology-enhanced primary care focuses on proactive and preventative approaches to treating patients. The features included in each plan are structured to save employers, employees, and their physicians time and money from emergency room and urgent care visits through direct, convenient and immediate communication.

Direct Access to your Primary Care Provider

Providing employees with direct access to primary care means a happier, healthier workplace — your employees don’t have to wait for the treatment they need, and they get to see the physician they choose. This means less trips to the emergency room and urgent care centers, less money spent on copays, and less time missed at work as well as a stronger sense of security for you and your employees.

Stronger Relationships

The Priority Access Health Plan offers technology-enhanced communication that enables physicians and patients to work more closely together to find treatment solutions. Through immediate access and fast response times, patients feel more secure, and physicians experience a higher sense of satisfaction from being able to be more involved with their patients.

How it Works

Technology Enhanced Primary Care

  • 24/7/365 Care with your Primary Care Provider

  • Secure, Convenient and Quick Communication with your Primary Care Provider via Text, Voice & Video

  • 1-Hour Response Time

  • Clinic Visit Within 24 Hours as Needed

  • Most Issues Handled Without a Clinic Visit

  • Urgent Care Visits for After-Hours Care

  • Emergency Care for True Emergencies

  • First Dollar Benefit with No Deductible or Copay for Primary Care Provider

  • Great Reduction in Employee Lost Work Time for Clinic Visits

  • Great Reduction in Urgent Care and Emergency Department Visits