Priority Access Health Plan

A hometown healthcare solution for hometown people developed by mid-Missouri physicians.

Your network of physicians and facilities have partnered with key companies and health care providers to bring a system of healthcare delivery that is a true shift toward delivering the highest value in care for a lower cost.

The nationally-recognized Priority Access Health Plan enables businesses to provide their employees with proactive and preventative health care through increased access to their primary care physicians.

About Priority Access

Concierge Medicine Without
the High Cost

The Priority Access Health Plan was founded on the firm belief that increased direct, preventative care from a patient’s primary care provider:

  • Reduces unnecessary visits to emergency rooms or urgent care centers, thus reducing cost related to reactive medical treatments.
  • Creates a partnership between physicians and their patients so they can work together to find solutions.
  • Enhances physicians’ satisfaction of caring for patients through increased flexibility in decision-making and fewer in-office visits.

Benefiting Physicians, Employers,
and Patients

All PAHP plans give patients priority access to their primary care providers and offer technology-enhanced features so that:

  • Physicians experience a less hectic schedule and increased satisfaction in patient care.
  • Employers see healthier, happier, more productive employees.
  • Patients will be seen within 24 hours if medical visit is needed.